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Starting TagZilla

TagZilla can be started from anywhere in Mozilla, using either of the following methods:

Starting it via either of these methods will bring up TagZilla in Clipboard Mode. That is, whichever tagline you ultimately select will be copied to the clipboard.

TagZilla behaves slightly differently, if it's invoked from within Composer using one of these methods:

Note: The access keys have been changed in TagZilla 0.041. They now use the J key instead of the T key.

When TagZilla is started from within Composer, it works in (oddly enough) Composer Mode. This means that, when you finally select a tagline, it is automatically tacked on to the end of your message.
(Note: it will be tacked on after the signature placed there by Mozilla, if you use one.)

Starting with TagZilla 0.025, you can insert taglines directly into textboxes without having to go through the clipboard. Just make sure the text box is focused (that is, the cursor is there and you can type in it), and press Ctrl-T. (Again, it's been changed to Ctrl-J in TagZilla 0.041 and up.)

Basic Usage

When you start TagZilla, it will open a file picker, where you can choose a tagline file to use (unless you specified a default tagline file in the TagZilla Preferences). A tagline file is just a text file containing one tagline per line.

The TagZilla Window is pretty self-explanatory, but here's a quick tour. At the top of the window, front and centre, is the tagline text box. Whatever text appears here is what will be selected as your tagline, regardless of whatever is or isn't selected in the list beneath it. That list beneath the text box is a complete list of the taglines in the file you selected. To select one, simply click on it. Edit it in the text box, if you like, then click Insert (in Composer Mode) or Copy to Clipboard (in Clipboard Mode). The tagline will be grabbed and TagZilla will close. (To exit TagZilla without grabbing a tagline, use the Close button.)

If you select the Insert or Copy to Clipboard button and there's no tagline in the text box, a random tagline is selected and grabbed before TagZilla is closed. This is handy if you don't feel like choosing a specific tagline. Be warned that you will not be given the opportunity to edit this tagline before TagZilla closes! If you don't feel like taking that risk, click the T? Random Tagline button, discussed below.

Tagline Management

To the left of the text box, or above it in recent versions, are four useful buttons:

Remember that the tagline currently entered in the text box is the one that will be grabbed when you exit TagZilla.

At the top of the window is the List menu. It has three useful options: Load List, Save List, and Sort List. Their functions are self-explanatory. However, be warned that sorting a long list can take a long time if you're using an older version of TagZilla (0.011 or below).

TagZilla Preferences

TagZilla has three preference panels. These can be accessed by the Preferences button within TagZilla, or elsewhere in Mozilla by Edit | Preferences.

The main TagZilla pref panel has the following settings:

Starting with TagZilla 0.014, these next few settings can be set differently for each of your mail accounts:

The Formatting pref panel lets you choose how your tagline will appear when you use it. Type in one prefix and suffix to surround your tagline when it's inserted in Composer, and another for when it's copied to the clipboard or inserted in text boxes. The sample text boxes at the bottom of the pref panel show you how it will look.

Note that entering "\n" will insert a carriage return in both Composer and in the clipboard. If you use version 0.008 or later, you also have the option of having "\n" become a carriage return within a tagline. Simply check or uncheck the box at the top of the pref panel.

The Multi-Line pref panel, which debuted in 0.025, gives a brief explanation of how TagZilla determines if more than one line should be used for a tagline. It's fairly smart, but it needs your help. Specifically, there must be a standard text string inserted between taglines in your tagline file, or else it will be read as a bunch of one-liners. The default text string is a "%" symbol all by itself on a line. This standard comes from the fortune(6) file format.

Fortunately, if you want to convert your tagline files over, it's very simple. Simply set the "Save in multiple-line format" option on this pref panel. Then open TagZilla, load your tagline file, and save it again.

Tagline Theft

Starting with TagZilla 0.005, you can now steal taglines you like from web pages or mail messages. Simply highlight the tagline with the mouse, then right-click and select "Steal Tagline" from the context menu. You will be given a chance to edit the tagline, if desired, and a choice of which tagline file you want the tagline saved in.

The tagzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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