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A web page designer, through use of the <LINK REL="alternate stylesheet"> tag, can provide many different ways for the same page to be viewed. Mozilla lets you choose between those styles if you go to the View | Use Style menu. But you can't tell if a website actually provides extra styles unless you click on the menu, which is a level deeper than convenient.

I found that to be a pain, so I did something about it. Toolbar Style Menu (for lack of a better name) is a quick-and-dirty addition of a "Style" menu onto the Link Toolbar (or Site Navigation Bar or whatever they're calling it these days). It disables itself when a web page doesn't support multiple styles, and enables itself when it does, so I can tell right away that it's holding extra styles for me to choose.

This is a quick hack. I only made it for myself to use, and so it's not polished like TagZilla. I provide it here in case anyone else can find a use for it, but before you do, keep in mind that it may be buggy, or behave in strange ways. Please note that I made it to be used with the Link Toolbar always visible, since that's the way I use it. I don't know how this will behave if you set your own Link Toolbar to be visible "Only when needed".


I've licensed this add-on under the Mozilla Public License and the GNU General Public License.

Note to Linux users

If you installed Mozilla as root, you must be root to install this and other Mozilla extensions at this time. In addition, you have to restart Mozilla as root after you've installed TagZilla, so it can update its chrome registry. (That probably goes for other multi-user OSes too, but I don't know which off the top of my head.) If you installed Mozilla into your own home directory, or another directory for which you have write access, this won't be a problem for you.


Neither Phoenix nor Mozilla currently provide an easy way to uninstall any extension XPIs you may not like. I recommend that you back up your chrome/ directory before you install any XPI (whether TagZilla or otherwise), so you can "uninstall" it by restoring your backup.

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