On occasion, I've been known to go off on an informative but not-always-relevant tangent. This page is a starting-point for any Mozilla-related tangents that have come to my mind, that I think other people might like to know, and that I know of no other place to put it. So here you go. Enjoy. Or don't.


Spam and email seem to go hand-in-hand like taglines and email. But it doesn't have to be that way. I figured out how to get all the ninja goodness of SpamAssassin to mix with the UI candy of the Mozilla Mail client. Look up if you want to see what I did.

Toolbar Style Menu

A web page designer can add many optional styles to a web page, and Mozilla will let you choose among them. That is, if you're able to guess that there's more than one style available for a page, since Mozilla hides the ability to do so behind two submenus. I whipped up a quick-and-dirty menu that appears right on the link toolbar to tell me when there's other styles. And it can tell you, too.

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